I can't believe how much Payton has grown over the last six months. In August, just before school started, I went school shopping. I bought her 3 pairs of jeans, several pairs of shoes, and ballet shoes. The jeans were way too big. Thankfully, most kids jeans have that wonderful adjustable waistband so I cinched it as tight as I could and rolled up the cuffs.

Now, six months later, her jeans are so tight so can't snap them and they look like capris. I bought new jeans on Wednesday and they fit her perfect. They are two sizes bigger than the jeans I bought in August. I can't believe she has grown 2 sizes is just 6 months! This is the first time since she was an infant that jeans didn't fit her for an entire season. Funny thing is, only her jeans are too big. Her shirts all fit her just fine.

And the shoes! Oh holy hell the shoes! She is on her third pair of ballet shoes since she started in August and only has one pair of shoes that fit her really well. At this rate, I am going to go broke. I used to buy myself new shoes and jeans. I haven't bought a pair of shoes since my hooker boots and my jeans are from last spring. Seriously, if she doesn't stop growing, you may have to make room in your house for me because I can't afford this anymore.

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