My Donor Profile

The packet wasn't as large as I thought it would be. It has your basic questions: age, race, religion, drug and alcohol use, past pregnancies, etc. It asks some odd questions: left or right handed? Okay, right. Thanks for asking.

They also ask questions about my appearance, education, musical abilities, activity level, and family medical history, among other things. The questionnaire is 5 pages long so it will keep me busy tonight.

The packet also included some details regarding the procedure. The actual donation is an 8 week process. I will use oral contraceptives for the first 4 weeks and then use injections to stimulate oocyte production. I will go in 4 times for a trans vaginal ultrasound to ensure I responding well to the medication. I will be sedated during retrieval to help minimize the discomfort.

In order to be considered as a candidate I will have to go through a few preliminary screens. If the pre screening application is accepted, a nurse will call to schedule an interview with a specialist. Then, all the information, interview and otherwise, will be submitted to the medical director for review. If approved, I will either be placed in a donor pool or selected as a pre-screened donor.

If I am selected as a pre-screened donor, I will have to go through the screening. The tests include:
  • A psychological consultation with a psychologist familiar with third party reproduction issues
  • A physical exam by a reproductive medical center nurse
  • A genetic counseling session which includes 3 generations of family medical history
  • Blood tests for: follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), Hep B, Hep C, HCV PCR, HIV, Syphilis, and a pap with gonorrhea and chlamydia cultures
  • A genetic screening for CF

The also include information about legal and financial considerations if I am accepted into the program. It did say the donor fee was taxed income which I was wondering about so I am glad it was included. If accepted to the program I can donate a maximum of six times and that is pretty consistent from what I have seen elsewhere.

There are risks involved which worries me a bit but they don't seem too threatening. One risk noted is ovarian cancer but they also state the controversial data exists. I am excited. I am so happy to be given the chance to try to do this for a couple. I am hoping all goes well and I am accepted to the program. There is nothing in the information that tells me how long before I hear from them again after filling out the pre-screening stuff. I hope it is not too long.


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Tiffi33 said...

Oh wow!
I am excited to see what all you go thru in the process of egg donation.
I'd love to, but I am 33 (! damn when did that happen!) and I have so much mental illness in my family history...I don't think anyone would want my genes..lol..

Collette said...

I am excited to get the process underway. I am sending the packet out tomorrow and the clinic should have it by Wednesday. It took them long enough to call me back I am sure it will take them awhile to call me about the application.

Kelly D said...

I think it is wonderful that you are going to donate your eggs. I considered this, but my husband has this weird thing about "our" genes being used by other people so I didn't go there. We did IVF (twin girls) when I was in my early 30's so now I'm probably too old to be a donor anyway. I'm interested to hear how your story unfolds.

Collette said...

Hello kelly d and welcome! I am so glad things worked out for you and you found your happy ending. My husband is okay with the genes being elsewhere. I would have liked to do surrogacy but my husband did not want another man's baby inside me. I understood and went this route instead.