My Children are Addicted to drugs

That's right. They are addicted. Actually, just Tweedle C is addicted. Tweedle P makes taking medicine a 15 minute production. Aaanyyyywaaaay, Tweedle P had a headache this morning. Usually I don't buy the I have a headache crap because she is just trying to be lazy and lay on the couch like mommy does when she has a headache. But this morning I believed her because she had this squinty eye thing that she gets when she has a headache. So, I gave her some Tylenol and told her to finish her breakfast. Of course she needed a glass of milk and smelled and licked everything before she would chew it. It took her 25 minutes to take 4 chewable grape flavored Tylenol. I think it is time for swallow tabs.

Suddenly, Tweedle C had a headache. I knew he didn't have a headache, he just wanted that sweet sweet Tylenol. He begged, he cried, he needed that Tylenol. His eyes even started to get a little squinty and then I thought maybe I was a bad mom and he really did have a headache (FYI he didn't have one, he was faking, he told me when I dropped him off at school). So, I gave him some Tylenol. Because he is 4 and P is 6, their dose is not the same. She gets 4 and he only gets 3. Of course, he cried that is was unfair that Tweedle P got 4 and he only got 3. He sat there bitching and crying that his *headache* wouldn't go away unless he had 4 as well. He refused to eat his breakfast. I held firm and did not give in to his Tylenol fit. He also made a 25 minuted production begging for "just one more! Please!"

This is not the first time we have witnessed his addiction. My brother got married a few years ago and both kids were sick. I bought those strips that dissolve because I didn't want liquid stuff dripping on their clothes. Tweedle C loved it. He wouldn't sit by anyone to get his picture taken so we bribed him with medicine. We told him if he sat nice and took pictures he could have more. It worked like a charm. The pictures turned out perfect and his little nose was clear and dry all night.

Now that winter is coming and colds come with it, his addiction will surface again. He will beg for medicine. Every time someone takes a Sudafed or an Advil he will think he needs some too. He will fake many an illness just so he can take that sweet sweet Tylenol. Of course, when that terrible cough he gets every year comes around, we will break out that sweet sweet codeine to drug him with. Thank god for over the counter codeine.

On a side note, I think I may be the most immature mom at preschool. You see, on Mondays we get to school a little early because of P's start time and C's start time. We bring books to keep ourselves busy during that 20 minute wait. The books are these educational books with headings on all the pages. One heading was "Who munches carpet?" I had a very hard time getting through that section. I could hardly hold back my giggles. Okay, that is not true. I totally could not hold back my giggles. Every mom, dad, and grandma in the place was giving me the evil eye while we waited for the doors to open. Hey, I thought it was funny.

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