Happy Labor Day!

I was going to write about how much I love Labor Day and how it marks the beginning of fall and all of the yummy comfort foods that I love to cook but don't cook in the summer because the house gets too hot and right around labor day I start to crave things like chicken soup and stroganoff and can't wait to start making it (how is that for a run on sentance). But, it is 86 degrees in my house and my boobs were sweating at dinner time. Sweat actually dripped off my left boob and slid down to my belly button. Seriously gross. So, I will not be posting about the wonderfulness (is that a word? wonderfulness?) of Labor Day. Instead, I will discuss the four year old mind.

We walked to Dairy Queen tonight because Tweedle P insisted we do something special. Turtle sundaes in a chocolate dipped waffle cone is always special. On the way home from DQ, Tweedle C was running in the street. I yelled at him to stop yelling and he didn't. So, I called his name again and he said: "I can't listen to you right now because I am running." Huh, that was like a little 4 year old fuck you wasn't it.

I have been getting a lot of little 4 year old fuck yous a lot lately. This morning I could hear him raiding the fridge. I hear the butter compartment open and, since we keep candy bars and not butter there, I yelled to put the Twix PB bar back and eat a healthy breakfast first. You know, like a Pop Tart. Hey, I was exhausted from all the drinking and dancing at the wedding. I needed a little extra rest. I eventually got out of bed and walked into the dining room. What did I find? Two Twix wrappers sitting empty on the table. He walked in as found them and said, "I ate those because you were in bed. They are in my tummy now. Sorry." Then he ran away into the protection of Tweedle P's bedroom. Yup, a little 4 year old fuck you.

School starts in just 1 more day. While I sit hear thinking I can't wait because then he can screw with other people instead of just me, I know I will be pretty sad on Wednesday because he is my baby and he is starting school. I might actually miss his little mind games.

Okay, it is still ridiculously hot in the house and this laptop is throwing off some serious heat. I have to shut it down and lay spread eagle on the couch under the open window soaking up the breeze. Hey, it works for Chicken Shit and Fat Ass.


Aunt Becky said...

It's been hotter than hell here, too. And I'm getting the 7 year old fuck you's. They involve a lot of huffing and puffing around.

Tiffi33 said...

Oh...eating mommy's chocolate is NOT good...andif you eat Daddy's chocolate in this house, well..things get ugly..he is he biggest chocoholic I have ever seen..

11 year old fuck you's suck..lol..and so do bratty 8 year olds..anyone want one?

Collette said...

I have a snotty 6 year old drama queen. That is as much as I can take right now. But, I may be willing to trade a drama queen for a bratty 8 year old.