Do you prefere you Elmo medium or Well done?

Last week, I decided I was craving sesame chicken. Whenever we go out for Chinese I order sesame chicken. Mmmm, I love me some sesame chicken. I would always try to recreate it at home but it was never the same...until this weekend. I found a recipe that was very different than what I had seen in the past. I decided I was going to make it for dinner on Friday and decided the kids were going to eat it, whether they like it or not. When I put dinner on the table and told them to sit down their little faces contorted into, um, really scary faces? Anyway, they asked what it was and, when I said sesame chicken, the wheels in their head started turning.

C: Ewww! What is this?

P: Why would you feed me this? If you had fed me macaroni and cheese I would have eaten 2 bowls without complaining.

C: Yeah, I don't want this.

Me: Eat it, it is chicken with rice. Mommy didn't put any of the spicy sauce on it, try it, you will like it.

C: What is it? It looks gross.

Me: Dude, would you like some cheese with the whine? It is sesame chicken.

P: (giggling) Like sesame street.

C: (also giggling) Yeah, like sesame street! Like Elmo!

P: (Laughing) Yeah, mommy made Elmo for dinner!

C: Mommy, is this Elmo?

Me: Yes, I took Elmo, cut off his leg, breaded it and fried it. You guys are eating Elmo.

P and C: Yeah Elmo!

P: C, let's eat our Elmo!

C: Yummy, Elmo!

They ate their Elmo and they loved it. I think tomorrow we will have cookie monster and maybe a little snuffleupagus on Wednesday. Check Tasty Treats for a great snuffy recipe.
Remember when we were desperately trying to get Tweedle P to pick an after school activity? Remember when she was insisting she was done with dance and wanted to take horseback riding lessons? Remember the happy but shaking dance Tweedle P did when I agreed to let her take horseback riding lessons? Yeah, um, remember how Tweedle can't stick with a decision if her life depended on it?

We were cruising around the net on Saturday and decided to pop over to her dance studio's website. We were looking around at pictures (she is on homepage!) and we happened upon a picture of her instructor. Holy crap did the tears start to flow. She started to say she had made a mistake and really wanted to take dance again. Well, being the brilliant mommy that I am, I knew this would happen and I never pulled her out of the class. Yup, I am a frickin' genius!

Just hours after she decided she missed ballet and wanted to take it again, we got a phone call from one of the instructors. Tweedle P had been invited to participate in a group dance in front of several professional dancers in a New York company. She will start to learn the dance next week and then perform in December. I'm pretty proud of her.

Ballet, tap, and jazz it is. I am happy because she is so good. And I'm not just being mommy proud, she really is very good. So I am happy that she is doing it and I love going to her recitals. It is just so cute. It is a lot of work and time consuming, but it is fun.
How do you know it is football season in the d'Orchidee household? You take your four year old shopping for shoes and pull a pair of orange and blue Champions off the shelf. These shoes have no sports affiliation, they are simply blue with a bit of orange trim. Here is how the conversation goes down:

I take the shoes off the shelf and ask what he thinks. He looks up at me in horror, as if I had just committed the ultimate sin. In a tone as serious as a 4 year old can be, he says, "Mommy, those are Bears cowors. We don't wear Bears cowors. Daddy says No Bears!!!!"

Only 5 more months of this. GOD HELP ME!
And, since this is supposed to be a blog about donating eggs, and I haven't blogged about that in weeks, I thought I should post an update. But, I don't have an update to post. I sent in my donor profile and that is where I stand. The nurse is supposed to review it and then call me to set up a pre-screening appointment or tell me I don't qualify. I can't decide if I should follow up with the clinic or give them a few more weeks. I am thinking I will give them a bit more time. I don't want to see too pushy. I don't like to seem pushy.
I know this post was a little jumpy but I hadn't posted in a few days and I had some catching up to do. Don't worry, you'll get over it.

Okay, I am going to make a little bedtime tea and try to get out of this going to bed at 1am crap that I have fallen into. I was shooting for 10:30 but it is 10:30 now so maybe I will shoot for 11.

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