Foto Friday (Updated)

Here is a different kind of Foto Friday. Enjoy!

Updated: I forgot to make these bad boys public so if you tired to get to them before and couldn't try again. PK has confirmed that it works. I know it works because I heard squeals of "Look how cute my godson is!" and "Oh, her ballet pictures." while on the phone with her tonight.


optimisticallyhopeful said...

I noticed that you changed over some of your webpage into French. I was just curious if you are French or what the link to French is?

Collette said...

I'm not French, I'm a good ol mutt, some German, Dutch, and Irish. But my favorite great aunt was born and raised in France and I took a lot of French in high school and college. I just really like the language. Plus, I figured since the title of the blog was French I may as well stick with the theme.

Manager Mom said...

I found your blog through my friend Kevin at AHUC, and I have to say, your kids look kind of like his kids.