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It is the time of year when Tweedle P needs to decide what after school activities she would like to do. On Sunday, she had it narrowed down to dance, horseback riding, brownies, swimming, and gymnastics (yup, that was narrowed down) . Raoul and I agree that a 6 year old should not be doing more than 2 activities at one time so we were trying to get her to pick just two of them. I told her absolutely no horseback riding because it was too expensive. We're talking $185 a month...for a six year old! I was pushing for dance because she is really good and I love watching her recitals. I also wanted brownies because it is nearly free and it is on Tuesday so Raould would be dealing with it. On Wednesday night we were eating dinner and I asked P if she had decided on anything yet. Of course, she said. Swimming and horseback riding. THE TWO MOST EXPENSIVE CHOICES! What the hell? I reminded her I already said absolutely no horseback riding lessons. Then the classic P drama ensued. Here is how it went:

P: But Mooooommmmyyyy. I reaaaaaalllly love horses and you, well, you should just let me do it.

Me: No P. Mommy isn't spending $185 a month so you can sit on a horse for 30 minutes once a week.

P: But Mooooooooooommmmmmmm! I REALLY want to do horseback riding. C doesn't have to play soccer. He is only four. He will never know. I don't even remember being four.

C: P stop it. That isn't fair. I do too remember being four because I am four! Mommy, P said I can't remember. (screaching while every mirror in the house shatters).

Me: Oh my god stop it! NO!!! Stop asking. Mommy is not going to let you do it. C is playing soccer and swimming. You are not taking horseback riding lessons!

C: I told you P.

P: Mommy, C (cut off before finishing sentence)

C: (screaching so loudly dogs 10 miles away were begging for a quick death) Mommy don't listen she's telling! Don't listen she telling! (I told the kids I won't listen to tattle tales to try to cut back on tattling. Totally didn't work)

P: I'm not telling just listen. C said (cut off again before finishing)

ME: STOP IT! Finish your dinner and stop fighting unless you want to eat alone in your room with the doors closed.


10 minutes later....

Me: Okay, fine. If we can find a stable were lessons don't cost more than ballet you can ride.

P: Really, your gonna let me ride. I get to ride horses! (Gets up to do happy butt shaking dance). C! Mommy is gonna let me ride horses!!!!!

Yup, I'm sucker. I totally gave in. I kept thinking about how badly I wanted to take lessons as a kid and my mom never let me. Luckily a friend of a friend was looking for someone to help exercise their polo horses so they hired me. I would ride 3 nights a week my senior year in high school and I loved it. So I gave in. But I found a stable that lets you schedule one on one lessons whenever it is convenient for you. None of this one a week every week for X amount of time. Lessons are $30 for 30 minutes so she can have two lessons a month (ballet was $60 a month). I am going to miss ballet but horses are fun for a little girl.

Have you seen this? What the fuck? I don't even know what to say about that. I just, I mean, I, what the fuck? Why, oh why, would you pump foam on toilet paper and then wipe it on, well, yourself? Isn't the point of toilet paper to dry the area? Why, then, would you apply wet foam? I just don't get it.

Then! Then the dude holds up 7 boxes of wipes. You know, the big plastic tubs with flip lids. And says the 300 hundred applications of Aaah would outlast all of those boxes of wipes. Now hold on one cotton pickin' minute. The only way 300 applications of butt foam will outlast 7 tubs of wipes is if there are only 40 wipes per tub or it you use, say, 6 wipes per sitting. And, if you are using 6 wipes per sitting you may want to consider changing you diet.

This is what one finds when working at 1 o'clock in the morning with the TV on in the background. Late night TV never fails.

I finally got my donor egg packet. There is a lot of paperwork to look through so I won't go into here but stop by Saturday to find out more. I should have a chance to go through it by then.

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