More baby news

Last weekend Joe's sisters came over to pick up girl scout cookies. They were heading out for a girl's night in the area and decided to stop in. He has two sisters and we aren't very close to either of them. I wish we were closer for the kids sake but stuff has happened that maybe I will go into later and we just aren't close.

Anyway, his middle sister asked us what we were doing in September. Umm....going to your annual fall party and son's birthday party? Then she said "how about being an aunt and uncle again?" I got fake excited (again, not really close) and told her how happy I was and congrats and when are you due and how far along are you and all the things you ask people who are expecting. Then she laughs and says not me! Her! And points to the oldest sister who turns to the side and shows off her belly which is now housing her 5th, that is right FIFTH, child.

Hold on, I say! Back the motha fuckin' truck up! Your husband had a vasectomy, like, 6 years ago! How did this happen? Turns out he had it reversed last summer. They wanted a 5th child so badly he let some guy cut up and poke around in his happy place not once but twice! Holy hell that just isn't right!

She said they felt like there was something missing. Now, I totally understand this feeling because I feel it at least 4 times a week (not this week though because we are ready to send the kids to boarding school). I just don't know if I would still feel that way if our four bedroom house was already holding 6 people, four of which were all potty trained, no longer in need of daycare, and quite independent. They are going back to the beginning. I am a little jealous and a little not jealous all at the same time. So.......

Congrats Andrea, Tim, and family!

.......and good luck.


Tiffi33 said...

NO way would Del get a reversal for me..lol..no way..
ever. I mean NEVER.
I don't know how peeps who have more than 3 kids do it..I do NOT have that in me..it is so expensive to do all that the kids need to do..my 2 are all I can handle..

They must have had a deep need to do this..

badgermama said...

You just totally cracked me up! hahahah! Congrats to your inlaws and it is so hilarious and refreshing to hit your "back the mothafuckin truck up" comment in my day of blog reading 8-)