Do you think the syrup will taste like poop?

While at the park on Saturday Caden decided he had to poop...really bad. We had two choices. We could walk home and poop at home but probably wouldn't go back to the park or we can risk going to the park bathroom a block away hoping it was unlocked. Caden isn't stupid. He knew if we went home we wouldn't go back to the park so he chose the park bathrooms. After walking to the block to get there we discovered they were locked until April 13th as a means of saving money.

So, off to the house we went. They entire way Payton kept insisting we should just let him poop in a bush or by a tree. She didn't really want to leave the park either. I reminded her pooping in public park wasn't an appropriate action and we should keep our poop in the toilet.

After we got home and he did his business, we headed out back for a little play time. It was 65 and sunny and I wasn't about to spend the day inside. We played for several hours and Payton kept bringing up pooping on a tree. I kept telling her there is no reason to poop in the tree when the bathroom is right inside the back door. But she pushed and pushed. She even pretended to pull her pants down behind the tree.

I lost it. I got up from my chair and told her to stop. I was forceful and stern and it was clear I was not happy with her behavior. She stopped and there was no more poop talk. She obviously understood she overstepped her bounds.

At least I thought she understood. Sunday morning, while I was hiding from the sunlight behind the curtains and under the covers, Joe came into our room PISSED OFF. He told me he couldn't deal with her alone and he needed me. Payton had just squatted and pooped a giant green poo on my beautiful maple tree. I was mad. I sent her to her room in order to decide her punishment. She was pretty upset when I went to deliver the law. She was hiding under her bed and wouldn't come out.

I had her get her shoes on and clean up the poop. I grounded her from friends for the week and was tempted to take the Nintendo away. Then I realized taking the Nintendo away was more of a punishment for me and thought it would be smart to let her keep it.

Who ever thought a 7 year old little miss priss would find it amusing to take a crap on a tree? Certainly not me. I guess I shouldn't put anything past my little monsters.


Tiffi33 said...

I think that isn't abnormal behavior..and your reaction squelched any repeat performances for sure.
I would appeal to her girly side, tell her how many diseases are caused by unsanitary things like pooping outside..how germy it is..

Kids..they always surprise you and mortify you..and make you say/ do things you never thought you would ever ever do...

and let me know how the syrup turns out..heh..

Tiffi33 said...

Oh, I tagged you :) http://myrandomwisdom.blogspot.com/2009/03/dream-jobs.html