What is a tooth worth?

$3. At least, that is what Payton got for her first tooth. It fell out Sunday night while I was making dinner. She was thrilled. It all started at the dentist last week. He discovered her bottom tooth was loose and it was downhill from there. She was obsessed with that tooth. She spent her ballet class wiggling it instead of dancing. She wiggled while she watched TV and wiggled while she ate her dinner.

On Sunday she bit into an apple and realized it caused her tooth to become quite loose. She set a goal to have that tooth out by the time she went to bed Sunday. She carried a bowl around with her in case it fell out and she needed somewhere to put it. She spent all day working on it. As I was preparing dinner she was stealing the baby corn. All it took was one bite (and days of non stop pestering) to push the tooth over the edge.

She came running into the kitchen yelling "Mommy! My tooth is blooding!" They say blooding instead of bleeding! So cute! Anyway, I got her to open her mouth with the promise that I wouldn't touch her tooth. I just needed to look at it. Well, mommy lied. The tooth was hanging by a string so I pulled it out. She didn't even realize I had done it. When I opened my hand and showed her the tooth she was thrilled.

I still stop when I look at her holey smile because I am not used to seeing it. She likes to stick her tongue through it and play with the hole. She has another loose tooth next to the one she just lost. I wonder how long it will take for that one to fall out?

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Tiffi33 said...

Ahhhh...how cute is she!!
The first tooth out is so exciting.
I used to yank mine out early when I was a kid for the cash..heh..

and blooding is adorable!!
My boys used to say 'beeping' for beating..you know, my heart is beeping??