Could it be true.....

It is 48 outside! Hells to the yeah because holy shit it was cold earlier this week. Like 9 degrees cold. I know it is February and this can't possibly last but it is so wonderful while it is here! Spring is coming. The snow will melt and I will be able to toil in my garden again. I can start to bore you with pictures of my flowers and my kids at the beach. Yeah for you!

But seriously, I am really looking forward to spring. It has been a long cold winter. We didn't have nearly as much snow this year as we did last year but it has been markedly colder. The kids have some serious cabin fever and so do I. I want to run on the trails and not the treadmill. I can't wait to sit in the green grass and feel the sun warm my skin while the kids play in the kiddie pool.

I can't wait to plant my raspberry bushes and my strawberry plants. I can't wait to fill the one remaining empty bed and watch as the plants I put in the ground last year grow and bloom. I love spring. I love early summer.

Of course, by late August, you will reading a similar post. Except it will talk about me being sick of the long, hot, and dry summer. I won't be able to wait for cooler fall days and I will be craving my winter comfort foods. I will be anxiously waiting for the first cool day to pull out the slow cooker and start on my endless weeks of making apple sauce. I will be counting the seconds until I can make chicken soup, chili, beef stroganoff, minestrone, and rotisserie chicken. I will be sick of salads and the grill and avoiding the kitchen because the oven makes the house so damn hot.

So is the life of a Wisconsinite.

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Tiffi33 said...

Oh..we can send pictures to each other of our flowers..lol..I am a gardening addict..love it.
and JEALOUS here..I so want raspberry bushes!!
We just do not have the room..
I do have Rhubarb tho!!

Its going to be 58* today here..which is like WOW...
such is winter in PA, up, down, up down..lol..