Whatta Man, Whatta Man....

Whatta mighty good man. Joe just told me he is going to volunteer in Payton's classroom. He is going to read to all the little first graders for their "book club" on Tuesdays. How sexy is that. It is so rare to see a dad so involved in their children's school. But I have a man who not only is able to be at school during the day but wants to be at school during the day. Top it off with being the troop dad for brownies and I have one kick ass husband who is one kick ass daddy. He is an awesome influence.

Me, not so much. I taught the boy to say "Hey butt head, try the pedal on the right. It makes your car move!" Then, as I was writing this, I asked if butt head is one word or two out loud to myself and now the kids are calling each other butt heads. They had to learn it some time, right?

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