A new me - week one

Have you ever seen that Slim Quick commercial? The one where the husband and wife are standing on the floor and she is talking about ordering salads when they go out to eat. She points to the hubby and says this is what happened to him *cartoon man slims way down*. Then she says and this is what happened to me *cartoon women's boobs disappear*. Well, now I know how she feels.

On 12/27 I took my measurements. I had already decided I was going to log my progress here and wanted a jumping off point. Here is what I got:

Boobs: 36.5 inches
Waist (measured at the smallest area torso): 30.5 inches
Hips (measured around the belt line near the hips bones): 37.5 inches
Butt (measures around the largest part of the arse): 41.5 inches
Thighs (just one, not both): 24.5 inches

This morning, just after a workout, I measured again. The only thing that changed was my boobs, down to 35.0 inches. I am trying to stay positive and tell myself it was back fat melting away not the girls. I am rather attached to the girls and if they continue to shrink I will be one pissed off camper. Thankfully Raoul is an ass man so if my boobs melt away he won't care much.

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