My husband is a dumbass

Every year Raoul participates in the time honored tradition of....oh who the hell am I kidding. The dumbass strips down and jumps into a freezing cold lake. Fucking moron. They call is going polar bearing, I call it stupid.

Every year he and his father head down to Lake Michigan and stand there with hundreds of other dumbasses waiting in the freezing cold and howling wind to jump into a frozen lake. Raoul has been bugging me for years to come down and watch but I simply smile and say I am more of an indoor person, especially when the wind chill is below zero.

This year proved to be especially dangerous as there were huge icebergs preventing them from getting into the lake. Usually they can run in from the shore, take a dip, then run out. This year, the walls of ice made that impossible. Did that stop the dumbasses? Oh hell no. They jumped in from the ice walls and then had to scramble to climb the walls to get out. Raoul, being the kind soul he is, stood on the ledge dripping wet lending a hand to other idiots trying to scramble out.

Raoul's dad decided his bum knee couldn't handle the climb and sat this year out. Thankfully, Raoul recruited a new dumbass to take the plunge with him so he wasn't alone. This was year 12 for Raoul and he likes to have rookies join him.

I understand the ride home is especially painful. Raoul's body begins to shut down from the cold and feels as though someone is stabbing him with hundreds of pins. By the time he makes the 25 minute drive to the house he is exhausted and needs a hot shower and a nap.

I just don't understand. I wish I could blame it on testosterone or the male ego but there are women who participate as well. You'll never find me out there. I prefer to sit home in my flannel jammies and play P's Nintendo DS.

As soon as we have 2009 video and pictures I will post them!

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