The great freak out of 2009

This year, Raoul got the brilliant idea to let the kids stay up as late as they could on New Years but put a limit of 12:30am on it. PK and J came over for sushi and jello shots and the guys started taking bets on how long the kids would stay awake. We had no doubt P would make it all night. She has been known to stay up until 11:30 reading Junie B Jones books. But C loves to sleep and we didn't think he would make it.

They did pretty well all night, riding on their chocolate chip and puppy chow induced high. They played games, watched movies, and left the adults to the adult fun. Although, they did have a hard time understanding why we could eat the jello but they couldn't.

At 10:30, Raoul gave C 40 more minutes. J was not as kind and only gave him 20 more minutes. The Polar Express went in, and C went out like a light at 11:00. As predicted P made it all the way. She watched the ball drop and was thrilled at what a big girl she was.

Then it happened. At 12:05, Raoul told P it was time for bed. She started to freak out. She kicked and screamed and cried and yelled and howled. She arched her back when we tried to pick her up and tears filled her beat red face. She may have made it to midnight but she was in no mood to be fucked with.

I offered to take P if Raoul would deal with C. Raoul defiantly got the better end of the deal because C only woke up momentarily when the ball dropped. I picked up the little ball of fury and carried her into her room. She continued to cry, insisting she wasn't tired (Yeah, right, not tired my ass) and she could stay up all night! I finally calmed her down. It only took two stories about Princess P and her brother Prince C and a song.

I think next year we will have to be sure P knows bedtime is at 12:05am. As soon as the kisses have been handed out she gets to bed. Hopefully we can avoid the great freak out of 2010.


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Tiffi33 said...

Oh my goodness..talk about a melt down!
Lets hope that is NOT indicative of the year to come!
how is it girls are so much better at Major Meltdowns?