Dear Googler

1) To the many individuals who have found my blog by googling "penus": it is spelled penis, with an i not a u. Get it straight. And to the guy who googled bad smelling penus. Wow dude, please see a doctor. That doesn't sound good. And the guy looking for penus shapes? There really are only two shapes: circumcised and uncircumcised. Perhaps you meant penus sizes or penus hangs to the left?

2) To all of those who have found my site by googling hookers. I am not now nor have I ever been a hooker nor am I associated with hookers. My dad just likes to talk about hookers. He lives in the Vegas area, there are a lot of hookers there. I am sorry to disappoint you but please move along. Of course, if you find me witty and charming and just can't leave I understand. But please know I am not a hooker.

3) To the many people wondering if children can get addicted to Tylenol...no. They cannot get addicted to Tylenol. I mean really, it's Tylenol. We're not talking Tylenol with codeine or anything fun like that. It is just plain old Tylenol. Follow the package directions and be sure to use appropriate dosing for the sake of their tiny kidneys.

4) and finally, to the people looking for a milk from breast foto I really don't understand. I have never taken a picture of myself or anyone I know breastfeeding. Nor have I squeezed my boob for the purpose of squirting milk and taking a picture. And, if I did, it was before we had a digital camera and I am way too lazy to scan that bad boy to post it here. Sorry.

I wonder what disturbing google terms will come from this post.


optimisticallyhopeful said...

LOL! I've got some funny ones from google too, but nothing like yours.

Did you just do an overnight makeover to your blog? I swear last night when I checked it was different...

Stacie said...

Yes I did do a makeover last night. Joe was watching a movie the I wasn't interested in so I went to town on the blog!

Tiffi33 said...

I love the new design!!! fabulous!!

and OMG...the lack of spelling skills peeps have are astounding...penus??

and we wonder why the country is headed to the toilet..lol