2,920 Days

2,920 days ago we said I do. Our whirlwind romance has turned into a lifelong friendship that I cherish. I still think about those lazy days in our first apartment and the terribly hot summer we spent living on the third floor on Main St. I remember how much I missed you while you were at boot camp and seeing you get off that plane when you finally came home. I can still feel the strength of that embrace and the spectrum of emotions I felt after not seeing you for so long.

I can be myself with you and tell you things I would never tell anyone else. You supported me through school. Being Mr. Mom and working full time while I pursued a degree was not easy for you yet you did it without complaining. Well, hardly ever complaining. You are an amazing father. Your devotion to your children is unmatched by anyone else I know. They are your heart and soul and it obvious by the way you look at them. Our lives would not be the same without you. You are the second half of my heart. Your loyalty to your family and friends and your attentiveness to me make you completely unforgettable. I would not be who I am today or where I am today without you in my life and I will always remember that.

Our lives aren’t perfect and house isn’t spotless but it is our life and our house. Our children aren’t perfectly behaved angels but you find laughter in their attitudes and that is hard to do. You read to them, you sing to them, you get them out of the funks. You deal with P’s wardrobe issues like a champ and with C’s crabbiness like a saint. Our children are blessed to have you as a father.

Your smile can make me smile when I am sad. Your beautiful eyes stop my heart and your strong arms make me feel protected and secure. I am blessed to have found my soul mate. Happy anniversary baby, 8 wonderful years and counting.

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Tiffi33 said...

Happy Anniversary!!

THAT was an incredibly lovely post...