The hormones, they are a flowin'

Tweedle P is six. She was taking a shower tonight and I was hanging out in the bathroom with my Mike's waiting to wash her hair. I asked her if she likes her class and she said she is bored in her class. I asked why and she said her "favorite boys" are all in the other class. Last year, she was quite the man killer. Um, boy killer? After all, they were only 5. Anyway, she would eat lunch everyday with Josh, Vince, and Matthew. She had her girls too but those boys always sat at her table. These boys are in the other classroom now and she needs to wait until recess to play with them. They play, get this, tackle. My 6 year old playing tackle with Josh, Vince, and Matthew. Huh. Should I be worried? I asked her she has any boyfriends in her class (she calls them that, not me) and she said no. The only boy in her class she is willing to talk to is Jacob but he is too fat for her. Her words, not mine. Yeah, I think I should be worried.

Remember when I got lost going to golf course and I had to suck it up and call Raoul? Well, we were on our way to a birthday party this weekend and Raoul pulled out the GPS that I didn't think we needed. We were sitting in the Hardee's drive through waiting for our breakfast and Raoul was blissfully. Then he started to say something but stopped, grinning from ear to ear with his I want to say this but she will kick my ass if I do look. It took a little pressing but I finally got it out of him, he was about the lecture me about that fact that having a GPS would have helped me find the golf course. I can't help but wonder how long he wanted to tell me that.

I do love that man, though. I have a 6 disc changer in my car and am not technologically advanced enough yet to have an iPod. Okay, the Truth is I'm really just too cheap to buy one because CD players work just fine for me. I e-mailed Raoul a list of songs I would like him to burn onto a CD for me (not only am I too cheap to buy an iPod, I am also too cheap to buy CDs so I make Raoul burn them for me). Normally he takes a few days to burn something for me because he does it at work and he is busy. I have been feeling quite impatient lately and wanted my CD. So I told him I would put on my new hooker boots** and fancy panties***, only my hooker boots and fancy panties, if he burned the CD for me. He got the e-mail today, I got the CD today. I do love that man!

**Oh how I love my new hooker boots

***Come on, did you actually think I would post pictures of my fancy panties?

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