Too much

So I have been struggling with things a lot lately and it has been causing a bit of stress in my life. Okay, that may be an understatement. It has been causing a lot of stress in my life. A lot of if you look at me wrong I will rip your testicles off and hang them in my cube stress. Ask mommy one more "what if*" question and I will banish you to the basement for the rest of the day stress. Yesterday was so bad one of my team mates walked to Walgreens and bought me an ice cream sandwich.

Thankfully, after tomorrow, the kids activities are done. Caden's last soccer game is today. Payton's dance recital is tomorrow. No more rushing from dance class to practice and then home and trying to get dinner and baths and homework in before the kids have to go to bed. No more cutting my Saturday in half to take the kids to soccer games anymore. I have a little bit more me time. That is, of course, if me time is classified as more time to wipe pee off the bathroom walls** and scoop poop.

In an attempt to relax a bit, we are taking the kids to the Chancery and then to Up. Of course, this may back fire because taking the kids out to eat usually ends up being more stressful than relaxing. They usually crawl under the table, spill their milk, have to go to the bathroom 3 times, and eat about 2 bites of their $8 meal. Good thing they serve alcohol at the movies because by the time we are done with dinner I will need it.

And my parents are coming back for a visit in July. I have the entire week they are home off and we have some great plans. The beach, a Brewers game, the zoo, a fish fry, and even some 4th of July cook out and firework fun. It will be great. And they are not all interferey and tell me I am doing everything wrong parents. They are supportive and loving and sit down hun, dad and I will do the dishes kind of parents. Now I just need to make it there without killing anyone or rendering anyone unable to reproduce.

*Mommy...what if my shoes were pink? Mommy...what if we lived in that house? Mommy...what if daddy had blond hair? Mommy..what if Phantom was a girl? Mommy..what if daddy still had his old car?

**Seriously, the boy treats his penis like a fire hose. He has absolutely no aim and sprays pee everywhere. Thankfully we have tile that goes about 4 feet up the walls because it is easy clean.

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