Please tell me I am not the only one

It's 3:11am. I am sleeping on the couch because Raoul and I had a bit of a disagreement on Monday night and I wanted nothing to do with him and that included sleeping in our bed. Things are better now, we said our I'm sorrys and let it be. Thanks for asking all of you kind internets!

But, back to 3:11am. I wake up to the sound of giggling. Holy crap, I think to myself. Did I sleep so soundly on the couch that 6am came and went and I never noticed. I searched on the floor for my glasses because I am blind as a bat without them. Ah, yes, here they are. Okay what time is it? 3 fucking 11 in the morning! What the hell.

I throw the blanket off myself and stomp into the kitchen and yell down the basement stairs. Sure enough, P and C are playing in the basement having a grand ole time. Then they came to the bottom of the stairs, heads hung low, walked up the stairs and past me without raising their heads and went back to bed. I was too tired to lecture and they needed to get back to bed.

However, at the breakfast table the inquisition began. P was still in bed and C was eating away at his Kix. Let's recap the conversation:

Me: C, we need to talk about what happened last night.

C: Why? What's the big deal? It was just a play date.

Me: A play date?

C: Yeah, we planned it. P and I planned a middle of the night play date.

Me: You need to stay in bed until Daddy gets up to walk the dog. If Daddy isn't up yet it is too early to be up.

C: I know. But this was a play date.

Me: I understand. But you shouldn't have play dates at 3 o'clock in the morning.

C: Why? It. Was. Just. A. Play. Date.

Me: Just stay in bed until Daddy is up with the dog....mommy exits stage left to go to daughters room.

Me: P, we need to talk about what happened last night.

P: Yeah, we planned it.

Me: I know, C told me.

P: What! Why? He wasn't supposed to tell!

Me: It doesn't matter. You need to stay in bed until Daddy gets up with the dog.

P: But we wanted to set our alarm clocks so we could have a midnight play date.

Me: You set your alarms! Don't do it again.

P: Why? We wanted to have a play date.

Me: Do not do it again. End of discussion...mommy exits stage right to go get ready for work

P (under her breath): Fine.

I didn't yell at them. I was too damn tired. Afterall, I slept on the couch and had to break up a 2am play date at 3:11am. P complained all morning about how her tummy hurt and she wasn't hungry. "Well", I said, "I wouldn't feel well either if I got up to play at 2 in the morning. Stop complaining and eat your breakfast."

She went to school still whining and bitchy. Then, at 10:35, just after a conference call with a very pissed off client our admin came looking for me with the cordless. It was P's school. She had just thrown up all over health room and she would like me to come pick her up. Oops, looks like C gave P the flu. Ah well. We probably infected half the first grade and now I will be that mom. The one who sends their sick kid to school to infect all of the other not sick kids. And the worst part? I kind of had a feeling she was getting the flu but I really needed to be in an early morning meeting so I sent her to school anyway. I even told my boss I was expecting the school to call because I thought P was getting the flu.

What can I say, I am still perfecting that whole work life balance thing.


Tiffi33 said...

OMG they are devious...and scarily organized...lol..playdate at 2 am..lol..if they ever decide to use that skill for evil...you guys are soooo in for it!

And don't worry, you wouldn't be the first, or the last,mom to be in denial about a kid being sick...and think about how many times you *think* a kid is getting sick, and they don't..
OH and as a bonus, you can tell her if she has SLEPT instead of having a 2 AM playdate, she may not have gotten the flu..lol..sleep helps the germs stay away!!!!

I keep getting a mental image of them closing down bars @ 2 am when they are in college..lmao...

Meredith and Phil said...

Where did these children come from?!?! I love reading about all your stories... you'll be able to answer ALL my parenting questions for when we have kids- since you're SO broken in and have experienced things beyond belief :-) I miss my P and C, hope to see them in June.

PS Talk Raoul into letting you have a long weekend in Florida... it'd be so much fun to have a girls weekend. I'M SERIOUS!