I survived Stonefire

As a celebration of the first week of school, the Raoul and I took the kids to Stonefire Pizza. For those of you who do not have a Stonefire in your area, it is like a yuppie version of Chuck E Cheese. In addition to over priced games and prizes, they have bumper cars, bowling, and rock climbing wall. Like Chuck E Cheese, they have low quality pizza and sugared up and screaming kids. It was pretty fun. We stayed a good four hours. My prissy non sport playing Tweedle P climbed about 7 feet up the rock wall several times. She could have gone further but stopped because she loved falling from that height. It was pretty fun. Of course there was a serious melt down when it was time to leave and an even more serious melt down when the Tweedles found out Kowie wasn't going to sleep over. I talking a kicking-screaming-hitting-no-I-don't-want-to-go-to-bed-because-Kowie-isn't-here-and-it-isn't-fair-melt down. I guess that is what 4 hours of an all you can eat dessert bar will do to a kid who ate half a slice of pizza.

To compensate for not having a sleep over, Kowie came over today. I love it when Kowie comes over. She is 11 and takes care of the kids for me. I can relax and pretend that I don't have children because Kowie plays with them, settles fights, feeds them, and takes them to the park. i have tried to convince her parents to let her move in with me but they have a problem with it. Something about her being an only child and they would miss her or some crap. Some people are so selfish, only thinking of themselves.

I have been slacking on reading my regular blogs. I like to check at least every other day and comment. I have checked a blog or two since Wednesday and posted a few comments but not like I usually do. My aunt is taking the kids to my grandparents house tomorrow and I am staying home. I am going to try to catch up then but the real reason she is taking them is so I can stay home and work. I am really behind at the office because we have two new people that I am training. I don't get any work done when I am there because of it.

Raoul just told me there is a message on our machine from a nurse at our local clinic regarding my egg donation application. I didn't listen to it and Raoul didn't give any details so I am not exactly sure what she said. I plan to call her back on Monday so come back Monday to see what came of the conversation.

Sorry for the boring post. I am feeling very uninspired today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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